We’re Moving!


To all of our dedicated readers and IMA® members:

Beginning on August 18, the Moments that Matter blog will be moving to SFmagazine.com, the website of IMA’s flagship publication, Strategic Finance. Appearing under the new name, IMA Moments, the blog will now live side by side with our other great IMA blogs, SF TechNotes and IMA Pulse.

The mission of the blog will remain the same—to provide a forum for IMA’s thought leaders to share their own ideas, stories, and experiences on the topics of careers, leadership, and certification. IMA Moments will remain a valuable resource for management accountants, business professionals, and students.

SFAlert_logoAlong with this transition comes a benefit: Each IMA Moments post will be announced via an SF Alert, our free e-mail updates that inform readers when new blog postings and magazine articles are published online. If you aren’t an IMA member or don’t already subscribe to SF Alerts, you can sign up to receive these free alerts at SFmagazine.com.

Thank you for following IMA’s Moments that Matter blog for the past three years. We look forward to hearing from you at our new home.

—IMA’s Top Thought Leaders





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